Leader's Constructivism Propaganda

Smart people will have noticed the link between our fun and democratic Leader with the horrible totalitarianism that plagues all the other countries (you know who they are). In the spirit of this misunderstanding, we've put together a little album of propaganda posters, in the same style as that great constructivism period. It was a time where food and iron were scarce, and where people were encouraged to spy on their neighbours. Yes, these are perfect for our post-911 world.

We're a little light on content right now, but we do expect to get more in here soon. Anyone who says otherwise is definitely against us, and should be brought in for "questioning".

prop_leader1.jpg prop_leader10.jpg
prop_leader2.jpg prop_leader3.jpg
prop_leader4.jpg prop_leader5.jpg
prop_leader6.jpg prop_leader7.jpg
prop_leader8.jpg prop_leader9.jpg