Leader Projects

You have reached that dark, forbidding place where angels and minivan drivers fear to tread. Only the bravest weirdoes look for answers from the Leader's erudite stores of knowledge.

But you are here now, friend. The journey was long and tiresome, but the goal has been achieved... and it is well worth the toil and labouring. Choose one of these doors and explore the riches and wisdom that lies waiting beyond.

Mok gets burned by the Leader

The Leader offers you this wisdom

"Leader Universal Generic Personalized Religious Hate Mail" Who has time to compose and send hate mail anymore? Now with the magic of HTML forms, the Leader will compose a symphony of malice and vitriol for you.

Cut out their plastic infidel hearts!

"The Leader Pumpkin Project" Can the Leader's image really be carved into a pumpkin? Click here to find out how.

The Leader Pumpkin is housebroken

"URL-O-Matic Project" Watch the spinning cube (requires Java to be enabled)

A spinning cube of wonder

"Leader Naming Project" Even a pot has a handle, am I right? Remember, if you don't choose a name, one will be assigned. And it won't be a good one.

Even a pot has a handle

"The Leader SETI@Home Project" Join the search for extra testicles...

Zany Roswell Alien

"The Leader X-Word Puzzle" Nothing to do now that you've finished masturbating? Try this out.

Boring crossword puzzle