Leader SETI Project

One dark night, the Leader looked up to the sky ...

... and asked "What did I do with my pants?"

Since we had no empirical evidence, we naturally assumed it was aliens.

Nah, just kidding. Look, you may believe in the Leader (and why shouldn't you?), but the Leader doesn't believe in anything. So much so, that we set out to prove aliens didn't exist by joining up with the good hearted folks at the SETI@home project.

By doing so, we have allowed them to use our spare computer time (like, when the screen saver is going) to search through radio telescope data to try and find alien radio stations -- in hopes to hear an advert for an intergalactic brew. Something of a noble cause, don't you think? Futile perhaps, but what the hell.

To sign up is simple. Start here. Seti At Home thing, picture, whathaveyou -- then download the appropriate client software for your computer system. They have software for nearly every system I've seen and/or used (and that is quite a few!). They even have clients for Open VMS and Mac OS X Server!

Once you're up and running, joing up with the Cyantitians. That's what the Leader sometimes calls this cult.

It's OK. We're cool.

If you wish to remain anonymous, instead of setting up a new account, say you are logging into an existing account and type in your email address as teemingmillions@yahoo.com.

This will log you in as one of the Teeming Millions who have already been signed up -- and doing quite well so far! Otherwise, fill out the questions as mischievously as you wish, however, make SURE you use your REAL email address.