The Leader X-Word Puzzle

We all know what it's like. You're surfing the Web, you're bored, and there's no good porn out there to keep you amused. Or you suddenly lost interest in it, know what I mean? Yes you do.

So, you're probably poking around out there, and you probably have iTunes running. You sir, are in need of something like a good crossword puzzle.

Well, sorry to disappoint. This is some crappy 1996 code which we just happened to put in a box and shake it until some kind of crossword puzzle came out. But hey, at least it's a crossword puzzle. A Leader-oriented crossword puzzle, good for the whole family, yet! No more need for those silly Net-Nanny type programs. Simply plug the kids into the Leader, and let the fun begin!

And it's easy too, simply match the clue with a word from the wordlist. If you get stuck, most of the clues relate either to beer, or to other parts of our fine website. Some would argue that it's a little too easy, but they can just blow me. Any of you ever made an online crossword puzzle before? No, didn't think so ... who's laughing now big man?