Leader Name Generator

So, looks like Number One finally got the ol' NameO'matic GeneratorMotron working agin.

So here's the deal. You get to pick your own Leader name, or you can click on this button for ideas. We give points for originality, and for the funny sound of the name. You can be clever, like Teeming Millions drone "Herschel" (who discovered Uranus); you can make it sound all military-like, as "Colonel Panic" did; or you can make it just plain uncomprehensible, like drone "grbbl".

It doesn't matter what rank you assign yourself, if any. The Leader hierarchy looks pretty much like this:

Public Org Chart

Of course, there are some folks out there what think the org chart looks like this:

Secret Org Chart

Those people tend to disappear under mysterious circumstances.

So, anyway, you want in on this, you need a name, you can't take someone else's name either. No "Number Won", or "Corporeal Punisher", although those are pretty good. Remember, if you don't pick your own name, one will be assigned to you...