Leader's German Language Guide

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If you ever find yourself lost in a Berlin nightclub, you'll need to communicate with the local populace in order to escape. With Number One's help, this situation will pass as quickly, and as smoothly as possible.

(Number One gets his extensive German language training from his extensive collection of German porn.)

The following list shows some simple, key phrases that will be useful in just such a situation. Read the German phrase first, followed by the corresponding phrase in English.

A. Ich brauche Bier

B. I require beer

A. Beten Sie den Leader an

B. Pray the Leader on (Worship the Leader)

A. Ich herausforderung dein sexual autorein

B. I challenge your sexual authority

A. Es freut mich, daß Sie keine Zähne haben.

B. It is good that you have no teeth.

A. Ihre Brustwarze sind sichtbar.

B. I can see your nipples.

A. Hast du diese Bluse bei mir zu Hause vergessen?

B. Didn't you leave that shirt at my house tomorrow?

A. Verdammt Mini-Packwagen!

B. Damned Minivans!

A. Ich habe einen riesigen Eisenpenis in meinem Fach.

B. I have an immense iron penis in my drawer.

A. Ich möchte gern dein sexueller Herr sein.

B. I want to be your sexual master

A. Dein hund versucht, mit meinem Bein, Sex zu haben.

B. Your dog is trying to have sex with my leg.

A. Kommt deises Kleid aus meinem Abfalleimer?

B. Is that dress from my trash can?

A. Du riechst nach Scheiße.

B. You smell like shit.

A. Meine Unterhose wird die Welt beherrschen.

B. My underpants will rule the world.

A. Ich brauche Mundsex heute abend.

B. I require oral sex this evening.

Stay tuned for the upcoming "Leader's Cuneiform Language Guide".

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